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Gallery of Designs

A sampling of prior work.  If you are interested in any of these please let me know, I may have it in stock or I can usually make another one.

White Oak and Walnut Basket Weave Pattern End Grain Cutting Board
Cedar Elm Jewelry Box
Spalted Pecan Three Stage Rocket
Honey Locust and Walnut Chess Board
!4" Ferris Wheel!
13" Live Edge Pecan Bowl
13" Mesquite Thick Wall Live Edge Bowl
Mesquite Charcuterie Board
Three Drawer Pecan Jewelry/Treasure Box
Mesquite Box with Turquoise Powder in Epoxy
Mesquite Box with Turquoise Powder in Epoxy
12" Mesquite Lazy Susan
Super Wormy Persimmon and Walnut Jewelry Box
Basket Weave BC Plywood and Walnut
Mesquite Treasure Box with two compartments
Mesquite Treasure Box with two compartments
Walnut Thick Wall Live Edge Bowl
Push the peak down to open the box!
A jewelry box disguised as a bird
Animal Jewelry Boxes
Push down on their heads to reveal the secret compartment.
Oriented Strand Board and Walnut
Basket Weave Serving Tray
Rocket and Flying Saucers!
Use as a Candy Dish, Jewelry Box or Trinket Box
Puzzle Box
24 Piece 3D Jigsaw Puzzle
Rocket in Walnut, Yellowheart and Padauk
Three Stages!
Four Heart Beat Vase
Band Saw Jewelry box in spalted maple
Wine Glass Holders
Mesquite with Turquoise Powder in Epoxy
Mesquite Live Edge Bowl
Pecan Serving Tray
Pecan Vase with Turquoise Powder in Epoxy
Persimmon Bowl
Walnut Bowl
Douglas Fir Live Edge Bowl
Honey Locust Bowl
Ribbon Sapele and Birds Eye Maple Hollow Form
Caterpillars really got to this piece!
Walnut Wine Glass
Red Tip Photina Bowl
Bird's Eye Maple and Walnut Turned Box
Red Tip Photina
Small Mesquite Vessel
Box Elder
Segmented Mesquite Jewelry Box
Box Elder Plate
Walnut Live Edge Bowl
Spalted Pecan Salt Shaker and Pepper Mill
Walnut Salad Bowl
Wooden Knot Puzzle - It is really hard to put together!
Ash Live Edge Bowl
Brick Pattern Walnut and Maple End Grain Cutting Board
Bois D'Arc
Segmented Spalted Pecan Bowl
Segmented Mesquite Salad Bowl
Candle Holder
Walnut Vase
Box of Puzzles
Box of Puzzles
Mesquite Band Saw Jewelry Box
Ash with excessive catepillar tracks.
Spalted Maple Bandsaw Jewelry Box
Mini Saturn in Lace Bark Elm
Live Edge Lace Bark Elm
Mulberry Live Edge from a tree in Farmers Branch.
Wine glass holders
Mix up all the pieces and it takes a while to put together.
Mesquite Serving Tray with Turquoise Powder in Epoxy
Box Elder and Walnut Jewelry Box
Cherry and Walnut End Grain Cutting Board
Basket Weave Segmented Bowl
Four Hearbeats Vase
703_JB (5)_edited
Wall art.  Looks like stairs but the piece is flat!
Mesquite jewelry box
Two Sided Maze
Pecan Flying Saucer
Super Cute Bandsaw Box.  Looks like a house!
Thick Wall Walnut Live Edge
Walnut Band Saw Box
Striped Jewelry Boxes
Segmented Canarywood Bowl
Segmented Spalted Pecan Bowl
Mesquite Vase
A Square Bowl!  How weird is this?
Basket Weave Cheese Board
Spalted Pecan Jewelry Box
Double Cross Puzzle
Golf Tee Solitaire
18 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
18 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
18 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
18 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Box Elder 13" Plate
Spalted Pecan and Walnut Turned Box
Jewelry Box
Spalted Pecan Segmented Bowl
Spalted Pecan Bowl
Spalted Pecan Segmented Bowl
Box Elder and Walnut Bowl
Pecan and Walnut Bowl
Turned Box
Black Jack Oak
End Grain Cutting Board
Live Edge Black Walnut Bowl
Pradford Pear with Turquoise Inlay
Spalted Sycamore Bowl
Black Walnut Salad Bowl
My collection of logs from the 2019 Dallas Tornado
My new solar kiln.
Solar kiln loaded with wood from North Texas
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