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12.75" diameter, 5" tall Ash Live Edge bowl.  The bowl has 1.25" thick walls and weighs 5.5 lbs.  The cracks and voids in the bowl have been filled with turquoise powder in epoxy. This bowl has been turned to preserve the outline of the bark of the tree (aka 'live edge')! This bowl was cut where two limbs branched out and contains some excellent feather grain. This came from a tree cut down near Bush and McArthur in Las Colinas, Texas. 


Your bowl has been finished with safe for food contact polyurethane varnish.


Bowl Care Do’s and Don’ts:

- Don’t submerge your bowl in water or use to hold liquids. 

- Don’t put your bowl in the dishwasher, oven or microwave.

- Do wash your bowl with mild dish soap and water, rinse and dry promptly. 

12.75" Ash Live Edge Bowl

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